South Los Angeles Soccer - AYSO Region 1031
All Star and Select Team Information 

What is All Star?
At the end of the primary Fall soccer season, our region holds a tryout to select players who will represent South LA in the All Star Soccer Tournament competition. An All Star team is identified in U10 - U14 Divisions. Players are selected based on their skills, commitment, practice habits, behavior as well as family behavior. An All Star player comes with an parent and therefore parent behavior is also a key element in the selection process.

Tryout Requirement
  • Players must be registered in the Fall primary season
  • Players must have played in a minimum of 75% of the team's regular season games. For example, if the regular season team plays 10 games, the player must have played in 8 of those games (injuries excluded)
What to bring
  • Ball
  • Water
  • Sports Attire
  • Shin Guards
  • Cleats

2016-2017 Season Tryout Schedule

Sunday10/30/2016   U10BM - Z10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Sunday10/30/2016  U10G M - Z9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Sunday10/30/2016  U12BAll11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Sunday10/30/2016  U12GAll11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Sunday10/30/2016  U14BAll1:00 PM - 2:30 PM 
Sunday10/30/2016   U14GAll1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

What is a tournament?

A series of competitive games, over a weekend where a soccer team is normally guaranteed to play at least 3 games.  Sometimes 4 or more games are played over a 2 day period depending on points and wins/losses.

All Star Soccer Tournament
The All Star tournament is a competition between other AYSO Regions ending in the Western States Championship.

Step 1 - Area 1P All Star Tournament. This tournament includes teams from Beverly Hills, Culver City, Hollywood, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, West LA, Watts, LA Central, Los Feliz and South LA (us).  The Area 1P Tournament is local.

Step 2 - Winners of the Area 1P tournament advance to the Section 1 Tournament “Sectionals” held in Riverside

Step 3 - Winners of the Section tournament advance to the Western States Finals.

All Star Tournament Schedule
Area 1P tournament:
    Date: January21-22, 2017
    Date: January, 28-29, 2017
    Location: Local fields in Area 1P, Culver City, Santa Monica, Kenneth Hahn, Watts

Section 1 Tournament:
    Date: March, 11-12, 2017
    Location: Riverside

Western States Championship
    Date: March, 25-26, 2017
    Location: TBD

South LA Region 1031 Accomplishments
2015/16: GU12 Area 1P Champion, GU14, Area 1P Champion
2014-15: South LA U10G All Star team won the Western States Championship.
2013-2014: U14G All Star team was the Western States Champion
2012-2013: U12G and U10B took second place in the Western States Finals

What is a Select team?

Players that were not selected for the All Star team have the option to play in the post-season by participating in other AYSO tournaments. All Star teams and Select team participate in these same tournaments. Select teams also participate in our Spring League. This is a great opportunity for players to improve their skills for the following season.

Player Commitment

Players are expected to make a serious commitment to their select team. While some players are involved in other sports, we require that All Star/Select team practices and games take precedence over other teams or sports. Players need to make a decision to commit to the coach and the team, otherwise it is unfair to the other committed players.  Players are selected and thus can be "un-selected" if a coach is having problems with a player or parent. These issues will be discussed with the Regional Commissioner before making a decision.

Parental Commitment

The select team program operates very differently than regular season. Each team is responsible for registering for leagues, applying to tournaments, and handling its own finances. Parents need to be financially responsible to the team. The coaches have enough to worry about and all parents are expected to help. Teams that provide certified referees have a better chance of being accepted into tournaments and also having referee deposits returned to the team.

What is the time commitment?
High level parent commitment is required. Weekly practices are required. Attendance is required. Teams can practice up to 3x per week if preparing for a tournament. Practices are not optional but required. Teams must have a minimum of three referees capable of refereeing in the respective age division. Volunteer support for our tournaments and spring league is also required.

All Star Cost
Players purchase their uniforms $60 (estimate). There are no registration fees for the All Star Tournament including:  Area 1P, “Sectionals” and Western State Championship.  However, there are travel costs associated with teams that advance to “Sectionals” (Riverside) and Western State Finals held in Bullhead, AZ in 2016. Additionally, families should consider likely costs for food for player and family (during the tournaments) and possible new equipment costs if player out grows cleats from Fall Season

Are there other tournaments after All Star?

All Star teams also participate in other AYSO tournaments between the All Star games and after the All Star tournaments conclude. The teams normally remain together throughout the Spring and participate in various AYSO tournaments throughout Southern California, San Diego, Arizona, etc. However, participation on in the All Star team does not require participation in other non-All Star AYSO tournaments if the financial and time commitment is difficult.

What is the cost of other non-All Star AYSO tournaments?

Registration approximately $40 - $50 per player/ per tournament. Teams typically attend 6-8 tournaments. Teams are expected to register for tournaments as a group.  Funds are normally collected far in advance in order for teams to register for tournaments.  

An estimated cost for the non-All Star Tournament season could be $1000-$1500 per player depending on family decisions related to travel costs and the number of tournaments each team plays.  Please click on Tournament cost estimate for a detailed estimate.   NOTE: This estimate is only for non- All Star tournaments.

The cost for the All Star tournament is the estimated purchase price, $60.00 for our region uniforms

(see All Star cost)

What is the Select Tournament Cost?

$60 uniform. Cost of tournament registration approximately $40 - $50 per player per tournament. There are travel cost associated with each tournaments.

See Tournament cost estimate for details.

Nutrition - What do I need to know?

The All Star tournament is a higher level of competition.  It requires higher level of training and preparation outside of weekly practice sessions.  In order to compete at the higher levels, our players will need endurance which is aided by balanced nutrition to help them develop into athletes who can successfully compete in 2-3 day tournaments.  Families should be aware that there is an expectation to build nutrition into each of our teams.