Nominations for AYSO 1031 Regional Commissioner Sought

DEADLINE: Submit Nominations by Friday February 26, 2016

The 1031 Regional Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for the office of Regional Commissioner to be filled beginning in April 2016.  Nominations are sought from Region Volunteers, Committees, and Board.  Members who wish to put forth a nomination should complete and submit the attached form for each nominee:

Individuals may nominate themselves.

The Nominating Committee will interview nominees and will conduct interviews of all qualified nominees.  For the most part, these interviews will be conducted during the Nominating Committee meetings.  Nominees are encouraged to be available and participate in these interviews. However, other arrangements may be made for nominees who are unavailable during these meetings.

The Nominating Committee will consider the following basic criteria in selecting candidates from the nominee pool:
•    leadership skills and administrative ability;
•    active and engaged participation in Regional AYSO activities;
•    diversity of experiences, areas of expertise and knowledgeable of and adheres to the purposes and basic policies of AYSO.

Each nominee shall submit a separate statement of qualifications to the Chair of the Nominating Committee, no later than 4 March 2016.  

The preferred method of submission for nomination packets is via Email with the above information submitted as an attachment. Below is the link to the nomination form. Download, complete the forma and email to the

RC Nomination Form

DEADLINE: Submit Nominations by Friday February 26, 2016 to:

Cedric Penix (Chair)

Phone: 310.936.0909