How to complete a Lineup Card

Lineup card is used to record scores, indicate players/substitute and show every players meet AYSO minimum play time (half of the game).

  • Ensure that Region, division team information and coach names are provide in the top section
  • For each quarter, enter an X for each player who NOT playing
  • For each quarter identity the player who is in goal with GK or K (goal keeper)
  • Mark "I" next to the player who scores a goal under Goal Scored box (first half or second half)
  • If you have reached the last substitution period (4th quarter) and you see that a player has not played the minimum 2 quarter, inform the coach that the player has been out more than 2 quarters. There should be NO more than 2 "X" for marked for any player. If the coach refuses to play the player more than 2 quarters, make a note and inform the referee staff after the match.