Referee Point Program


The purpose of the Referee Point Program is to help ensure that AYSO Region 1031 recruits, trains, certifies and fields enough volunteer referees to officiate at our Regional games. In this Program, volunteers agree to referee games during our Regional Regular Season.

Referees earn Volunteer Points which they allocate to one or more teams.

Teams in Division U10 and older must earn 18 Referee points. Each team is required to have 1 New referee and that referee must earn a minimum of 3 referee points.

If a team does not have a NEW referee, they must earn 24 points instead 18 points.

All teams will participate in the Divisional Playoffs regardless of the standings except the teams that fail to earn the referee points. Teams that fail to accumulate the required points will not advance to the Divisional Playoffs.

For Divisions U16 & U19, because play is between our Region and other Regions, inter-regional standings are kept during the Regular Season in order to determine Area 1-P Playoff seedings. Region 1031 U16 & U19 teams that fail to accumulate the required number of volunteer points may not participate in the Area 1-P Playoffs.


  1. Referee volunteers will register in our referee self-scheduler system, At registration select the team(s) you wish to allocate your referee points.
  2. If you have multiple teams, be sure to select the team to allocate your point(s) prior to submitting your referee match request. Otherwise the default team in your profile will receive the credit.
  3. Volunteer Points belong to the Volunteer who earns them.
  4. You cannot Referee your child's game. However if there is a no show for your child's game you can fill in as AR for that match
  5. Points must be allocated to a team with a family member. You cannot give your surplus point to another team with no family relationship.
  6. Referees earn additional points for mentoring (+1 point) and for continuing Referee Training (+3 points)
  7. Youth Referees have the same rights and privileges as Adult referees under this program.  The minimum age to certify as a Referee is 12 years old.
  8. Teams are responsible for recruiting their own volunteers.
  9. Each team must have at least 1 new referee and that referee must earn a minimum 3 points. Teams without a new referee must earn an additional 6 points.
  10. A returning referee can be reclassified as NEW referee for the purpose of meeting rule #7 by upgrading their badge (i.e. a Regional Badge referee takes the Intermediate Referee Course)

These guidelines may be revised as necessary by the AYSO Region 1031 Commissioner or Referee Administrator.

You may view your team's current referee point status at Referee Points Report

Questions or comments concerning this program should be addressed to the Region 1031 Referee Administrator.


Point Type

Points Earned


Game assignment

Per game assigned
2 pts - Center (*)
1 pt - AR
(*) 1 point earned for CR in U8
  • Officiate as either center or assistant referee
  • Multiple games per day earn multiple points
  • Must be certified referee (no points for club linesmen)
  • Includes Upper Division Games

Upgrade completion

3 per upgrade certification.

Designation of New Referee

   Attend the next level Referee course
  • Intermediate Referee
  • Advanced Referee
  • National Referee
  • Any level Referee Instructor or Assessor

Referee Trainer

  2 per course

  • Participate in referee clinic as instructor

Referee Assessor/Mentor

1 per game

  • Serve as mentor or assessor for a less experienced referee
  • Reserved to Referees with Intermediate, Advanced or National badge.
  • Must be approved by Referee Staff
  • Region scheduler can waive the badge requirement

Laws of the Game Refresher Course

2 per course

  • Attend a Region 1031 Law Refresher course  (must be a certified referee to earn points)

Referee Field Monitor

  1 per week

Max 3 per season

  • Field referee coordinator. Be the standby referee during the hour
  • Monitor the games and provide assistance to match referees as needed.
  • Ensuring proper sideline conduct by coaches and parents.
  • Collect game cards from the match referees and enter scores in the system. Computer available in the office.

What if I cannot make it on the day?

We understand that “things happen”.  We do ask you to try and contact us at as soon as possible.  Please note that our chances of finding a referee at the last minute are slim, so if you cannot show up you will likely not be replaced. 

Signing Up for Games and Getting Trained.

For referees needing training, dates for referee clinics and additional details are posted here. Certified Referees may sign up for games by logging into our Referee management System,, and selecting the "Referee-Self-Scheduler" link.

Registration instructions are provided at the following link:

No one except the AYSO Region 1031 Commissioner or Referee Administrator may grant an exception to these guidelines.

These guidelines may be revised as necessary by the AYSO Region 1031 Commissioner or Referee Administrator.

Questions or comments concerning this program should be addressed to the Region 1031 Referee Administrator.