NOTE: The Basic Online Referee course is two parts. Online and classroom. After taking the online laws of the game, sign up for the classroom portion. The online class is about 1 hour. The classroom part is 3 hours.

Instructions for taking the Basic Online Referee Course

Step 1
: Create a volunteer application.
NOTE: If you already have a current volunteer application in the system, go to  step 2
  • Go here for instruction on how to sign up as volunteer

Step 2: Take the Safe Haven certification and CDC Concussion awareness.
  • After login, click on My Courses
  • Click Open to take the AYSO's Safe Haven
  • Click Open to take the CDC: Concussion Course

Step 3: Referee Training

Referee training consists of two parts; the online training and in-person training
To take the online training, request a course voucher from our Referee Administrator Nichole Wade ( You will then use the voucher to purchase and pay for the online course.
You can also pay for the course and request reimbursement from Nichole Wade.

Download these instructions on how to purchase and complete the online Referee course.

Register for an In-person course. See instructions, How to Register For A Course AYSOU
           Contact Referee Administrator Nichole Wade,