NOTE: The Basic Online Referee course is two parts. Online and classroom. After taking the online laws of the game, sign up for the classroom portion. The online class is about 1 hour. The classroom part is 3 hours.

Instructions for taking the Basic Online Referee Course

Step 1
: Create a volunteer application.
NOTE: If you already have a current volunteer application in the system, go to  step 2
Go to
1a. If you already have an account on the system, follow these procedures:
        - Login your account at 
        - Select “Apply as a new Adult volunteer
        - Select Referee as your volunteer position and follow the instructions to complete the

        - Complete the electronic signature.

1b. If you do not have an eAYSO account, select “
I am new to AYSO and want to volunteer
        - When asked “Search a Region by Zip Code or State and City”, Enter 90056 in the Zipcode
        - Select Region 1031 – South Los Angeles, Click Next
        - Continue completing the form.
        - Complete the electronic signature

Certification and Training
Step 2: Take the Safe Haven certification (Required for ALL volunteers).
Go to
    - Enter your eAYSO ID and last name. Your AYSO ID is on your printed application form.
    - Click on “Courses” tab
    - Select Safe “Course MT02 - AYSO's Safe Haven
Step 3: Referee Training
    - Take Course R002 - Basic Referee Online Training
This is a two-part course. After taking the online course, sign up for the in-class training.

Step 4: Complete the AYSO CDC Concussion Awareness course

Visit the referee training page for the course schedule or contact the Referee Administrators:
            Cedric Penix,

Questions? Contact Cedric Penix