NOTE: The Basic Online Referee course is two parts. Online and classroom. After taking the online laws of the game, sign up for the classroom portion. The online class is about 1 hour. The classroom part is 3 hours.

Instructions for taking the Regional Online Referee Course

Step 1
: Create a volunteer application.
NOTE: If you already have a current volunteer application in the system, go to  step 2
  • Go here for instruction on how to sign up as volunteer

Step 2: Take the Safe Haven certification, CDC Concussion awareness and online Regional Referee Training.
  • After login, click on Online Courses
  • Click Open to take the AYSO's Safe Haven
  • Click Open to take the CDC: Concussion Course
  • Click Open to take the Regional Referee Training

Step 3: In-Person Referee Training

Referee training consists of two parts; the online training and in-person training

Register for an In-person course on AYSOU. Login at,
  • Click In-Person Courses
  • Click Open on Referee Instructor Let Courses
  • Click Sessions on Regional Referee Online Companion Course
  • Click on the desired course date to get the course information
  • Click Register to sign-up for the course offered by Region 1031 (1/P/1031 Los Angeles, CA)
NOTE: You may take any course offered that fits your schedule if the course that we provide is not convenient
           Contact Referee Administrator Nichole Wade,