Hosting A Coach


What is a host family ?

This has become one of the most popular elements of Challenger’s British Soccer Camp program. Each year we receive hundreds of emails from families telling us what an incredible time they had hosting one of our coaches. The coaches on your camp will stay with local families in your community for the duration of the camp week. In return, not only will you receive a rebate of $80 towards the cost of your camp fees, but more importantly you will enjoy a unique week learning about the UK, learning about soccer and building lasting friendships with our staff.

What is expected of a host family ?

We encourage our coaches to fit in with the normal pattern of your family life. We would like you to provide the coach with a bed; showering facilities; laundry facilities and meals (to include breakfast, lunch - if coaches are working a straight 6 hour session please provide them with a packed lunch, and dinner).

Coaches will be staying with many different families during their summer with us and we find it avoids confusion if you discuss any house rules or routines with them beforehand e.g. if they have to be in by a certain time in the evening; meal times; use of laundry facilities and your expectations of them during the week.

How long do they stay with us ?

The coaches will typically arrive in your town on the Sunday evening before the start of your camp. We try to get them to arrive at around 6:00 pm and they will usually meet at a central location e.g. the camp coordinator's house, restaurant, school etc. Unless otherwise notified, the coaches will stay with you until the Sunday morning following camp.

Do I need to provide transportation ?

No. The coaches will be provided with their own transportation. Please understand that our auto insurance policy does not cover our drivers when driving host family automobiles and our staff may NOT transport campers in their vehicles at any time.

Can I find out about my coach prior to their arrival ?

The scheduling of camp staff normally takes place the week before the camp and your local camp coordinator will be provided with a profile of the coaches who will work on your camp. These profiles contain any special dietary restrictions they have or allergies etc…

Do we have to do anything special once they are here ?

The coaches will obviously be kept very busy during the week of camp. Each coach is contracted to work for 6 hours a day and they may have additional coaching commitments for one or two evenings during the week of camp. If you wish to arrange any social activities with your family on free nights you may, however this is not required as a part of the hosting arrangement.

Will the coach be using my phone or computer ?

Our staff should not be making long distance calls from your home and will expect to pay you for any unscheduled calls that they may have to make. If you allow them to use your computer to access email, please feel free to limit the time of use to when this is convenient with your family.

What happens if a coach gets sick while staying at my house ?

The staff are all provided with medical insurance coverage – under NO circumstances should you have to pay for any medical attention your coach may need. If the local doctor does not recognize the medical insurance company name the coach will have a toll free number where the doctor’s office can call to confirm coverage.