Spring 2017 - Registration for New Players

This is the registration page for new players who are 3 years old or will turn 3 by March 4, 2017.

For Spring League, a "New" player is anyone who did not play with us in the Primary Fall 2016 program.
  • If your child played in Region 1031 in the Primary Fall 2016 program, go here for instructions.

New to AYSO? Watch our Parent Orientation Video

Visit our National website to learn about How AYSO Works


A completed registration application means the following:
  1. Completed player application
  2. A completed parent Volunteer application
  3. Payment (online)
  4. Submit age verification document (copy of birth certificate, passports, medical record, etc). Player age verification documents may be emailed to verifications@ayso1031.org or mailed to our Region address below.
AYSO Region 1031
4859 W. Slauson Ave #375
Los Angeles, Ca 90056
- We cannot complete your registration and assign your child(ren) on a team until steps 1 through 4 are completed.

A.   Player Application Instructions

  1. Go to www.eayso.org
  2. Select “My child is new to AYSO and wants to play soccer”
  3. Enter  your name and home phone number
  4. Create a user account profile
  5. Select I want my child to play in Region # and enter 1031 for the Region Number
    1. NOTE: It is important that you enter the correct region number as indicated above
  6. Enter Your child's date of birth (DOB) and gender.
  7. Complete the Parent Information page and click on Continue
  8. Complete the Player Information page and click on Continue
    • If you are applying for the VIP program, check the box "I'm interested in a VIP program" and also indicate the player's disability in the 'Current injuries' box.
  9. Read the Parent Concussion Information Sheet and click Continue
  10. Read the Parent Agreement and click Continue
  11. At the Region Information page, click Continue
  12. At the Parent Jobs screen, select a volunteer position either under your child’s name or Job Not child specific. Note you will complete a volunteer application in part B of these instructions below.
  13. Follow instructions to sign the form electronically.
    • Note: Without completing the electronic signature your registration is not complete and you will not be able to make the online payment
  14. Make your payment online (credit card or e-check. An email confirmation will be sent to you once you credit credit card is billed.)


NOTE: VIP Players, please download and complete the VIP player info form. Email the form to vip@ayso1031.org

B.   Volunteer Application Instructions

(Read How to be a Volunteer)

  1. From the home page, choose of the following options
  • Select Apply under "New Adult Volunteer” if you are a new volunteer
  • Select Apply under "Returning Adult Volunteer if you are a returning volunteer to renew your volunteer application

2. Follow the instruction to complete the form.
3. At  the volunteer job screen, select a volunteer job under your child and Jobs not child specific
4. Sign the form electronically
  • Note: Without completing the electronic signature your registration we cannot process your volunteer application