SPRING LEAGUE BULLETIN NO. 1 (February 25, 2020)

We are ready to start the South LA spring season. The region is looking forward to hosting your team at Kenneth Hahn. We have a beautiful pitch for this spring that is the best natural grass field in the area.

11:00AM (8U AND 10U TEAMS)
12:00pm (12U AND 14U TEAMS)
(If the coach cannot attend, send a team representative, team manager)

Below are important dates and information needed from you.
Forms, rules are located at the spring league page below

1. TEAM AVAILABILITY (Due February 28) We request that ALL team
 complete this form.

You may have already submitted this info as part of your original application. We ask that you still complete the form.
Teams submit/
availability using the online form at the link below

Note: Please enter all dates your team will not be available to play (spring break, tournament dateseven planned dates)
It takes a tremendous amount of work to redo schedules when team inform us last minute they cannot play.

Note: Dates only, we don't need the tournament names.
2. LINEUP CARD (Due February 27)
Teams submit lineup card.
These lineup cards are the official spring league lineup cards. No other lineup card will be accepted.
See instructions below to download, complete and email us the lineup card. You must use Adobe Reader to fill out and save the form (see instructions)
Download and complete lineup card.

We will print your lineup card and distribute at the coach meeting on March 2nd

3. COACH MEETING (February 29)
The mandatory coach meeting will be moved to Saturday February 29(times below)
Location: Kenneth Hahn Soccer Fields, 5401 S. Fairfax ave, 90056 
11:00 AM:  B/G U08 and U10
12:00 PM:  B/G U12 and U14
If you have more than one team, come to the first time slot.

Schedule for the first 4 weeks of the season will be published March 2

Teams may play multiple games  on a weekend in order to make up some games missed due to their tournament schedule.

When published, it will be located at the link below.

Submit your team order by March 1
Complete the t-shirt order form below for your team t-shirt (Coach and players). These t-shirts are free.
We need a current roster from every team. If you need to update your roster, email it to springleague@ayso1031.org
Only players on your approved roster may participate. If you need to add a guest player on a weekend, you must inform us by sending us an approved updated roster or have your RC email us with approval of the guest player. We are flexible, however only players approved by your region may play on your team
Every team MUST supply a minimum of 3 referees. If you need to update your application to add referees to your team follow the instruction below. Confirm the referees you included in your team application is current

How to update referee in your application