Become An AYSO Volunteer

A volunteer application is required for all volunteers. New volunteers will complete a new volunteer application. Returning volunteers will renew their application. This is required every year
All Volunteers are required to complete the following:
  • Livescan/fingerprint (This is done one time)
  • AYSO background check (renewed annually)
  • SafeSport (annually)
  • AYSO's Safe Haven course (one time)
  • CDC Concussion (one time)
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest (one time)
This is an online training that are completed at our training portal. Volunteers have access to the portal once they have completed a volunteer application.

Livescan fingerprint is require volunteer in the following roles: Board Member, Coach, Referee, Team Manager.
The region will pay for the cost of the livescan/fingerprint.
We provide a pre-paid code to our volunteers to schedule their fingerprint.

Complete the livescan payment code request form to receive a payment code to pay for and schedule your fingerprint.. 

Click here to schedule an appointment for your fingerprint.

Note: This livescan service is unique to AYSO, you must use the above link

For questions, contact us at

Volunteers must use the link below to complete their SafeSport certification

  • Soccer Coaches are required to take the age appropriate coaching courses followed by a field training.
  • Soccer Referees are required to take the Basic Online Referee courses followed by the in-class review and exam.
  • If you already have an account, enter your credentials and follow the instructions here.
  • If you are a new user, click Register Now! and follow the instructions here