Become An AYSO Volunteer

Returning Volunteer, click here for instructions to renew your volunteer application

A volunteer application is required for all volunteers. New volunteers will complete a new volunteer application. Returning volunteers will renew their application (This is required every year, go here to renew your application)

AYSO's Safe Haven course is mandatory for all volunteers. This is an online webinar about 25 minutes duration
  • Soccer Coaches are required to take the age appropriate coaching courses followed by a field training.
  • Soccer Referees are required to take the Basic Online Referee courses followed by the in-class review and exam.
Instructions for New Volunteers
Go to
    1a. If you already have an eAYSO account on the system, login your account
                     - After login, Select “Apply as a new Adult volunteer” or "Apply as a new youth volunteer"
                            Follow the instructions to complete the

            - Complete the electronic signature and print your application
                     - Follow step 2 below.
    1b. If you do not have an eAYSO account, select "Create an Account"
           - Select “I am new to AYSO and want to volunteer

          - When asked “Search a Region by Zip Code or State and City”, Enter 90056 in the Zipcode
          - Click “Next” Select Region 1031 – South LA, Click Next Continue completing the form.
          - Complete the electronic signature
Follow step 2 below.

2. Take the Safe Haven certification (
- Enter you AYSO ID number and last name
    (Note: Your AYSO ID number is on your printed application form, top right corner)
- After login, select the 'Courses' tab
- Select
Course MT02 - AYSO's Safe Haven

Training for other positions are done at the field (e.g. field setup, field painter, etc)