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In-Person Course Sign Up

  • Login at www.aysou.org
  • Click In-Person Courses
  • Click Open to view your course of interest
    • Coach Instructor Led Courses

    • Referee Instructor Led Courses

    • Safe Haven Instructor Led Courses (For Safe Haven, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Concussion)

  • Click on Open for the age division course you are taking (example below is for coach courses)
  • Click on Register to sign up for the In-Person Course
  • Note: For In-Person courses held by Region 1031, look for label "South Los Angeles - 1/P/1031 Los Angeles, CA" in the title of the course  

NOTE: You can attend any course offered by other AYSO regions. Some neighboring regions may charge for the course they offer to outside volunteers. The region will reimburse you in that case. Forward your receipt to our Coach Administrator Epalle Nseke, coachadmin@ayso1031.org