U12 Guidelines

The Field:

The field size for U-12 games is 100 yds long and 50 yds wide (max).

The Markings:

No change from FIFA Laws of the Game.

The Goals:

No change from FIFA Laws of the Game.

The Ball:

A size 4 ball is used for U-12 games.

The Players:

There will be nine per team on field; one of which is a goalkeeper. 12 maximum on roster.

Substitutions are between periods, at halftime and for injuries. The players will be separated by girls and boys teams at all levels of play. Playing time is a minimum of two periods per game and no player should play four periods until everyone has played two. The teams will be separate girls and boys teams should be promoted at all levels of play.

Player Equipment:

Shoes and shinguards, covered by the socks are mandatory at all practice and game activities. Soft-cleated soccer shoes or tennis shoes.

Duration of Game:

Four 15-minute periods. Halftime break of 5. No other changes from play as specified in FIFA Laws of the Game Printed for the American Youth Soccer Organization.


The referee must be a certified regional referee or above.

FIFA Laws of the Game