U5/6 Program Guidelines


The goal of this program is to develop soccer skills in young players. Mastery of ball dribbling skills is the goal of this program

Session Format

Each session will begin with the Master Coaches providing skill and drills instructions to the coaches. Assistant coaches/Team parents will look after the teams while volunteer parent coaches will be with the Master coaches in the coaching area of the field.

We will then start with introductions to the session, explaining a few key tools the coaches need to use when working with their U5/6 teams.

Volunteer coaches will have to make sure all parents who are watching the session are outside the grid they are working as we don't need them in the coaching zone. This is for obvious health and safety reasons and also so the session can run effectively and smoothly with no interruptions.

Coaches will watch a brief demonstration of the drills we have arranged for the week’s session. These sessions will be provided to the coaches earlier in the week for familiarization. In this brief demonstration, one Master Coach will be leading the drill and the other will be answering any questions the coaches may have.

Having both Master Coaches in the area maximizes the time coaches spend with their teams, and decrease the time we are standing talking.

After the drills have been demonstrated, the coaches will go back to their areas. Team volunteers would have set up the team’s playing area. They will then explain the drill to their players and conduct the session.

The Master Coaches will walk around the teams and giving extra coaching points and instructions to those who need it. We will also give progressions to those teams who are excelling.

The scrimmage for each team is on the game schedule page at our website. Match opponents and field location are provided in the schedule. The scrimmage will be 3v3 with substitution, the coaches decide on substitutes. One assistant coach can take over roles as a referee.

U5 Session times

8:45am – 9:00am: 15 minutes demonstration from master coaches (on drill)

9:00am – 9:20am: 20 minutes coaching the children (Head coaches)

9:20am – 9:25am 5 min break, setup up for games

9:25am – 9:45am 20 min games

U6 Session times

9:50am – 10:00am: 10 minutes demonstration from master coaches (on drill)

10:00am – 10:10am: 10 minutes coaching the children (Head coaches)

10:10am – 10:15am: 5 min break, setup up for games

10:15am – 10:40am: 25 min games

Recommendations for Head and assistant coaches.

1) You are an entertainer

2) Remain enthusiastic

3) Research children’s TV so you are clued onto what the children relate to

4) When coaching, coach on the children’s level (sit down or kneel so you are at their eye level)

5) Remember they can do NOTHING wrong. Do not say what was wrong there?

6) Use coaching points which are in the PDF

7) Positive reinforcement CONSTANTLY. (For example..Well done Jake that was awesome)

A few recommendations that the coaches are advised to ask the parents adhere too:

1) Every child brings a ball

2) Every child brings water bottle

3) Every child wears soccer shoes and shin guards

4) No parents inside the coaching area

As soon as the Master Coaches are ready and blow their whistle, the head coaches from all teams will come to the coaching area. This is to be done ASAP.

All coaches are advised to review the drills prior to the Saturday so they have a brief understanding of what they are doing.