1 - The coaches’ technical area on each side of the halfway line shall be marked by two lines off the field of play and perpendicular to the touch line.  The area shall be as long as the diameter of the center circle. Where possible, the coaches’ technical area shall include two additional lines, with one line parallel to and at least one yard from the touch line, and a second parallel line no more than three yards from the touch line. 

2. The field shall be marked, where possible, with a spectator control line parallel to the touch line at a distance of at least three yards from the touch line. Coaches and officials should help the assistant referees keep spectators behind the spectator control line and between the top lines of the penalty area. 

3. Spectators shall not be allowed behind the goal lines, with the exception of photographers who have received authorization from the referee, and who shall remain quiet and sufficiently back from the goal lines. 

Match play shall be governed by the IFAB Laws of the Game as modified by AYSO (with permission), the AYSO National Rules & Regulations and the age appropriate AYSO Coach Manual.   

Playoff Rules

Kicks From The Penalty Mark Procedures. U10, U12, U14

o at least 9.15 m (10 yds) from the penalty mark

o behind the penalty mark

o inside the field of play

o outside the penalty area

Kicks From The Mark (Penalty Kicks) Procedures. U5, U6, U8

Note: minimum playing time does not apply to extra periods since everyone have already played the minimum half during regulation. You can play anyone. However, take note that only players on the field in the second extra period may take PKs if the game is still tied at the end of the extra period.