Field Rules

This summer brand new grass fields were installed on both the North and South Soccer fields. The high quality play of our teams demanded an ability to practice and play on a high quality field. The new fields will be ready to go in September. 

A significant investment was made into the development of these fields, and maintaining them will not be easy or cheap. We are asking that everybody take responsibility for helping to maintain these fields, they belong to the entire region and every player should be proud to call them their home field. As a result, this year we will be instituting some new guidelines around use of the fields.

Cleats: We are recommending, if possible, for players to use Turf Soccer Shoes on the new field. This is not mandatory, standard grass soccer cleats are still allowed, however if your player already owns turf cleats or if you need to buy your player new cleats, we recommend using turf cleats. This will minimize the wear and tear on the fields without risking player safety.

Below are examples of the soles of the turf soccer shoes.

Umbrellas/Tents/Canopies: No umbrellas, tents or canopies that require being placed in the ground will be allowed on the fields. This includes all umbrellas that are screwed into the ground or anything that needs to be staked into the ground. This is a strict enforcement, any holes that are placed into the ground will ruin the fields.

Chairs: Chairs may only be used around the outside of the fields, and for U10/12/14/16/19 games on both the North and South fields both teams will need to share the same sideline (only exception is South Field 2 for U10 games - the field in the middle). More details about this will be provided to coaches and as we approach the games, but we are trying to minimize how much chairs are used on the playing surfaces.

Large full-sized goals: A 1031 tradition has been the dragging of U10/12/14/16/19 goals across the fields as we setup for games and practices. However, from now on large-full size goals may only be placed along the outside of the fields, they may no longer be setup in the middle of the playing surface for practices. More details about using full-sized goals will be provided to coaches.

These new guidelines will be in place beginning this season to help maintain the quality of our soccer fields. Our entire region should be proud of these fields, maintaining them will allow for high quality soccer and a great player experience.